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A lot of debate has happened over the parameters which need to be fulfilled in order for a mode of communication to be considered the best among the list of all service providers in the industry. There are many paradigms suggesting that the delivery of the message with integrity to the intended recipient is the best possible mode. There are others who feel this approach is absolutely old school and is something that can be established by one and all with ease. The conundrum circulating these is something that still persists and led to people realising certain aspects as together providing perfect communication.

Based on multiple surveys, online polls, forums and researches done across various age groups and service providers like Yahoo support etc, the most important among the multiple requisites of an international front runner go like this – Speed, Accuracy, Leakage, Security, Ease of Use, Fluidity, Recovery, Help & support.

Speed is of absolute importance as in today’s world of digital revolution, anything slower than instant is considered to be a thing of the past. For a mode of communication to be successful the sending of a message at one end and its delivery at the other should not take any more than a second. There are multiple technologies in place to make this practically possible. Concepts like fibre optics, radio waves & others are constantly reinventing to allow the speed and reach of mankind above that of the gods.

Accuracy of the communication means the message should be delivered to the intended recipient without fail every time. In today’s world one has to resort to digital means in order to lend spine to one’s framework. Digital framework means zero physical infrastructures and zero dependence on the physical world limitations. Whenever information is transferred digitally the possibility of leakage in the course of journey is extremely high. Leakage is the loss of information on its periphery which causes the information received at the destination to be distorted, incomplete or with gaps. The service provider which delivers the message with zero leakage and with minimal effort and investment in managing leakage can rest assured that it has already covered a lot when it comes to climbing the ladder to the top in the list of best service providers, including the likes of Yahoo and it’s even more important feature of providing technical support, the Yahoo Support, providing and covering all the other paradigms related to perfect communication.

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